Frequently Asked Questions


We’re tired of existing talent show formats, we believe that changing the fundamentals to be focussed on people rather than profit will better humanity.

What exactly is POPBOX?

POPBOX is a new way of identifying talent, compete as either a performer or judge in multiplayer talent competitions using your mobile device.

How do I create my own POPBOX account?

POPBOX is currently available in private beta for iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

To create a POPBOX account, sign up to the appropriate private beta test using the links above.

Once you have completed the signup form, download and install the app.

Android – Google Play Store

iOS – Test Flight

Once you have installed POPBOX, open the app and register using your Facebook account, we will soon add additional authentication options.

When prompted accept permissions for camera, microphone and storage.

POPBOX will ask you to create a username, this will be seen by others in game.

Does POPBOX cost anything?

POPBOX is free, however if using data on a 3G/4G connection, you will be charged by your provider as per the terms of your agreement with them. We recommend to play using a Wifi connection.